Friday, March 28, 2014

The Voodoo Doll Box Part Two: The Reveal :)


So the funniest thing about yesterday’s post wasn’t necessarily the scary, little brown box I received from Liz Seckman, it was the oft-commented question about 7-Eleven and are they still around!

While I remain the most dreadful return commenter, I am also your faithful research hound, so here’s some 7-Eleven history… and a store locator!!!

Anyway, back to the little brown box…
Perhaps just a little more tape, Liz?
It sat on our kitchen table and No. 1 Son even asked what was inside, to which I replied with the enigmatic grownup standby answer of:


Later, once the kids were safely tucked away, I grabbed my trusty safety scissors, slit the tape and slowly peeled back the lid.

Inside was a very nice card (thanks J) and a Ziploc bag with three small, nay tiny, dogs inside.
I'm Harold, I'm Butch & I'm Sid. Together, We're the Non-Scary Pups!
I seriously had to laugh when I read the note from Liz saying the dogs were for the boys so I “wouldn’t have to tell them there was a creepy voodoo doll inside the box.”

I removed the main package and tucked inside a wad of brown packing paper, I suddenly saw black eyes glaring at me from within the depths of some plastic bubble wrap.

Mmmhhh... Let Me Outta Here..
Yikes, I would have said, if this was an episode of Scoobie Doo, but no, I did a manly jump back and looked around to make sure no one seen me acting like a big gurl’s blouse.

I slowly unwrapped my gift and well, I’ll just let the pictures to the talking!


Say Hello To My Little Friend :)
SIGGY Would Be Proud :)

Who Needs the Oscars With a Selfie Like This:)

… I can’t call Voodoo Doll by her initials (!!!) and I don’t think she is a mini-Mark, so can you please help name this poor, orphan creature.

Leave your vote via comments below or shoot me a note over at Twitter.
PS: Thank you so much, Liz. I would so bow down in appreciation, but I would hate to blind you from the cranium-related sheen :)

And finally... YO, Mini-Alex... hey homie, you better watch out... there's a new princess in town :)



Fanny Barnes Thornton said...

How about 'Wee-Vee' because she looks as if she might be weaving a spell. 'Winnie' might be okay because she has come first in voo-doo?
I agree that VD doesn't quite fit, lol!

Suzi said...

Whoa--that is one interesting (weird) doll. Those eyes are kinda freaky!

Miranda Hardy said...

Love the pictures! Wouldn't want those eyes staring at me for very long.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Winnie is perfect. The sweet daughter, I'm sure you never wished you had!

Glad you enjoy.,and hey, I raised four boys...I now have little boy telepathy!

What awesome dog names. Could get the boys to name her, though they may suggest a funeral pyre fir the demented looking sis.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Oh, by the way...you can never have enough tape. I mean, doesn't every kid have to use knives to open their Christmas presents?

Annalisa Crawford said...

Freaky! I suggest Poppy, just because I want to name everything Poppy at the moment, and have no idea why!! :-)

Melanie Schulz said...

LOVE it!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mark - well how clever of Liz to send a puppy each to the boys prenamed too .. that solves that problem ...

Your Voodoo Miss ... Vroom Vroom Missie ...

But I'll go with the flow .. cheers and that is a great selfie! Hilary

Robin said...

I've got nothing for the name. I have said it before, but I will say it again... that doll freaks me out. I hope she doesn't come alive at night.

Melissa said...

Bwahahaha xD

At least the dogs are cute. :P

lilicasplace.com said...

That's hysterical! I love it, Mark. I kinda notice the resemblance too. Great job Elizabeth. Lily

Elephant's Child said...

Miss Magnifico? Though despite her cape, I think you need a super hero to keep her in line. Or is that your role?

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

Hahaha, Liz is good. Really good. She found MK dolls to boot.

Happy weekend, Mark!


Sheena-kay Graham said...

I'm stumped name wise (Unless you think Voodoo Eyes is a good name, I don't) but that doll is creepy looking. Liz is quite a hoot and I wonder how Mini-Alex would feel about a play date with her. Hell I wonder how Alex would feel about that play date.

Julie Luek said...

LOL Love the little dogs. And that doll. I'm thinking there's a side to Elizabeth that isn't all the sweetness and sugar we think! Good luck naming that... that... thing. ;)

Michael Di Gesu said...

LOL... Thanks for the laughs, Mark...

All I can think of with her eyes is Miss Peepers or "Peeps" for short....

Kristin Smith said...

This is HI-larious!! That voodoo doll is creepy beyond creepy (in a sweet kind of way). Liz is hysterical!

What did you name her? And you're right, she might give mini-Alex a run for his money! He better watch out! :)

Morgan said...

Ah-hahahaha!!!! Dyyyyyying. Dying. Did I say I was DYING????

Liz is SO FUNNY. I can't compete with the pair of you and your wit. First mini-Alex, now this!

I'm still laughing with the whole reason behind the dogs… smart, Liz. :)

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