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Monday, September 28, 2015 22 comments

The Headshot. Or not?



I'd like to paint a picture: Think headshots. Informal or formal? Profile pics. The dreaded Selfie.

But, does a blog or book need a photograph of its writer/author?

My first book, REVIVAL: The Donald Braswell Story comes out in five weeks, and the other day, my wonderful publisher requested a short author's bio.

(Naturally, I thought of Elizabeth Seckman, but decided to send in my own.)


Right before I emailed it over, I wondered should I add a profile picture, nay, a headshot even. (My long-suffering mother will tell you I've been a cheeky lad all my life.)


I did attach a recent headshot, and while it may, or may not be used, it begged the question: Why is it important?

My answer is: Simple curiosity, (and I like looking into people's eyes.)


I really dislike talking to anyone who wears sunglasses (especially indoors!), mainly because the eyes are, of course, the windows to the soul.

Plus, I hate looking at myself when I talk. Really, can't you keep your hands and arms from flailing so bloody much!!

(Yup, I don't Skype either :)

That led to one step further. I recently consolidated social media and now have the same profile (French for "ugly mug") on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


I generally update the picture once a year, not because the camera finds me more attractive (more like I break the camera) it's just that I like having a recent picture.

(I have OCD. Look at my Twitter - I maintain it daily so that I have +/- the same followers as following.)

Special Edition Profile for Tina's Memorial post (2014)

So, let me ask: For those who do use a headshot, do you update the picture as time goes by?

And, if you don't use a headshot, may I ask why?

Told you I'm curious!

Today. (Note: Hair slide to bottom of face)

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